Free Drupal Training and Install Workshop (Global Training Days Chicago Nov 2013)

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Fri, 11/15/2013 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Friday Nov 15th 2013: Free Drupal Training (Global Training Days Chicago!)

What is Drupal? Where did Drupal come from? How can Drupal help you?

The Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group has been hosting free training events since 2006 and now starting in 2013 we're syncing these events with Global Training Days around the world. Not only will you be learning Drupal, but so will hundreds of people around the world.  More info @

Jump into the driver seat with our hands on experience known as the "Drupal Test Drive". Not only will we cover an introduction to Drupal, you will also:

  • Be given a free temporary Drupal website.
  • Learn how to create and edit content.
  • Utilize open source modules to extend functionality of your website.
  • Add users and manage groups with permissions.
  • Plus your temporary website is available on the Internet to play with after the workshop.

Estimated Agenda (Friday Nov 15th 2013 11am-4pm):
11:00 - Doors Open
11:30 - Arrival and Introductions
12:00 - Meetup Starts "Hello Drupal!"
12:15 - Drupal History and Vocabulary
12:45 - Install Drupal
13:00 - Site Building Basics
13:30 - Break / Questions
14:00 - Modules and More
15:00 - Design? Themes? CSS?
15:30 - Questions, Answers, Closing/Wrap Up
16:00 - Meetup Ends

If you plan to take advantage of a Drupal Test Drive, please notify us when RSVPing. Your development environment will be configured ahead of time. Laptops are required to fully experience the "Drupal Test Drive".

If you have installed Drupal in the past, please leave room for new users. Starting in 2013 we're meeting at a new location on the north side of Chicago off Lake Shore Drive which is only provided to verified attendees. Venue has free street parking and close to Red/Brown EL stops.  Event is free, but please read all of the details in registration as we will follow up with a phone call to confirm attendance.

All meetups will be in traditional CDMUG fashion. No dress code, relaxed attitudes, open ideas, laptop encouraged, remember business cards, and we may go for coffee afterwards.

Beverages, snacks, venue, and training are sponsored by

Contact us if you have any questions, if you're interested in presenting, have ideas for the group, or have any type of feedback - or follow us on twitter @