CDMUG's 8th Annual Holiday Open Source Social Event - Dec 1st 2014

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Mon, 12/01/2014 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Monday December 1st 2014 7:00pm

CDMUG is having our 8th annual Holiday Open Source Social Event to get together without the laptops, projectors, nor WiFi to simply hang out and party. Join us all for a fabulous shin-dig in honor of every CDMUG member and the efforts we make to give back to the Chicago community. Aside from continuing to educate new users to Drupal via multiple Global Training Days, we don't have as much to celebrate this year, but we're hoping to turn that around in 2015. Please contact Matthew ( ) directly if you're available to volunteer time to help grow our local Drupal community. Maybe we can chat about a few ideas at the meetup? On another note, we decided to hold off on DrupalCamp Chicago 2014 to prepare for a proper event in 2015 without schedule conflicts. We hope to find support in terms of volunteers, sponsors, and most importantly presentations for meetups.

Once again, we're taking over a section of The Hidden Shamrock, Lincoln Park's oldest Irish pub. Look for the group of computer nerds or ask bartender if you can't find us. All meetups will be in traditional CDMUG fashion. No dress code, relaxed attitudes, open ideas, and remember business cards.

*Note to recruiters, this is a great place to find developers if you're buying rounds of beers for the group.