Hello Drupal 8

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Wed, 04/09/2014 6:00pm

Drupal 8 should be released later this year and it is time to start preparing. Over the years our meetup group has hosted similar events for new versions of Drupal including 5, 6, 7, and now 8. To start we'll go through the new installation process as a group, move into Drupal 8 specific changes focusing on development, and finish by learning about the new theme system Twig.

Starting in 2014, we're meeting at a new location with room for more attendees than ever before. Nation Association of Realtors opens their doors at 6:00pm for attendees to arrive, socialize, and hang out before meetups. Presentations officially start by 7:00pm. RSVP is required to attend and feel free to bring a friend by registering for up to two guests.


Hello Drupal 8 by Matthew Lechleider

• Drupal 8 Development by Fredric Mitchell

Drupal 8 Themes and Twig by TBA

Fredric Mitchell - is a senior developer at Phase2 Technologies. Fredric is not only the man behind the technical implementation of client websites, but also the one who steps up when his team requires additional architectural, devops, or project management support. Adept at providing clear avenues of strategic communication, Fredric keeps everyone on the same page by focusing on reaching a mutual understanding of each project’s definition of success.

Matthew Lechleider - is a product of the Nintendo Generation and has spent 10 - 15 hours online daily since before the Internet was cool. Speaking at conferences, skateboarding, music festivals, Linux and Drupal are a few of his favorites things in life. Matthew provides high performance Drupal development with PhamilyDev.net.

Estimated Agenda:
18:00 - Doors Open
18:30 - Arrival and Socialize
16:45 - Meetup Starts, Welcome, and Introductions
19:00 - Presentation: Matthew Lechleider - Hello Drupal 8
19:15 - Presentation: Fredric Mitchell - Drupal 8 Development

20:00 - Break with Questions and Answers
20:15 - Presentation: Drupal 8 Themes and Twig
20:45 - Questions, Answers, Closing/Wrap Up
21:00 - Beer

The Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group is proud to present featured presentations about the hottest Drupal topics. We have room for 100+ attendees and all skill levels are welcomed. Please note we're meeting at a new location in 2014 with room for more attendees than ever before. Presentation meetups will not be taking place monthly, but with a new goal to gather 100+ people interested in Drupal every few months. RSVP is required to join the fun and hangout at one of the largest Drupal user groups in the world.

Matthew Lechleider will be presenting....Hello Drupal 8...as a group we will go through the updated installation process and see what is new in Drupal 8.

Fredric Mitchell will be presenting....Drupal 8 Development...it's time to take the next step and jump into the Drupal 8 API. This session reviews the 30 API functions that you should know to begin your journey. Attendees will learn the behind-the-scenes functions that power common UI elements with the idea of being able to build or customize them for your projects.

All meetups will be in traditional CDMUG fashion. No dress code, relaxed attitudes, open ideas, laptop encouraged, remember business cards, and we will go for a beer afterward. Contact us if you're interested in presenting, have ideas for the group, have any type of feedback - http://cdmug.org/contact or follow us on twitter @CDMUG.