Using Multigroup in CCK 3

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Steve Persch
Thu, 11/18/2010 8:00pm
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Drupal 6

"Using Multigroup in CCK 3" by Steve Persch. Steve is a developer at Mightybytes, a web development and interactive design firm on Chicago's North Side. At Mightybytes, Steve spends most of his time architecting and building client sites. Steve started working with Drupal as a freelancer in 2007. You can find Steve throughout the Drupal ecosystem under the username stevector. Strike up a conversation at the Meetup by asking him why he recently built a site using Zen and four layers of subthemes, or why Mightybytes uses the same SVN repository for most of their Drupal projects. You can also just ask him to gush about Drush.

Using Multigroup in CCK 3. CCK 3 for Drupal 6 provides a way to combine the fieldgroup concept with the multivalue field concept that CCK users have known for years. While still officially a dev release, CCK 3 is stable and being used in production sites. This presentation will go over the interface for adding a multigroup to a content type and how using multigroups impacts building Views.

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